Un Fairey Gordon sobre el río Jordán

En julio de 1937 Life publicó esta fotografía de un Fairey Gordon patrullando sobre el río Jordán, con este pie:

Jews from the world`s cities now farm Palestine and rouse rage of country boys who stayed home

The River Jordan trails a narrow wooded strip through a burning, poisonous desert from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. The southern desert is a later stage of the same kind of erosion now starting in the U.S. Dust Bowl. Crossing the Jordan has always been synonymous with going bad to worse. It is a fast-flowing, non-navigable, foul. muddy stream, the dividing line between Palestine`s farmers and nomads. It fascinates geologists because it runs along a geologic crack between two “faults” or land slips. Life, 5 de julio de 1937

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